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Based in Brighton & Hove UK, CarbonGraffiti boasts a full 8 years of experience in email marketing and email design. We pride ourselves in creating tailor-made, hand-coded, and fully-tested email templates for a wide range of clients across various industries, countries and requirements (and don't stop at just email design). Get in touch to kick-off your project today. Please note: We have a minimum order of 2 templates for all new email design projects.

Some of our recent email design work

  • pie
  • vhip
  • rostrum
  • care
  • clinfield
  • carolyn-stotesbery
  • dallas
  • hilltop
  • o2speakers
  • ccb

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When we're not busy designing and building MailChimp templates, we're likely drinking strong coffee and creating a range of responsively-designed and Wordpress-powered websites for clients around the world.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design ensures your website can be viewed across a wide range of devices without requiring multiple (and costly) versions of your site.

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