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Best of March 2008 – Email Design Round-up

A single collection of all things email design-related for the month of March.


Australia-based ESP with an emphasis on great email design:

Montreal-based site that aggregates many newsletter designs under one roof:

MarketingSherpa 2008 Email Creative Awards:

The top 10 trends in email design for 2008? Just ask Emma:

Tips and Advice:

ExactTarget whitepaper focused on email design and rendering – for both marketers and designers (PDF, 680kb):

9 best practices for email design, by vdot media:

A great video case study from the Email Evolution conference by Bronto:

Quick and dirty tips on ensuring your designs are actionable and effective:

Rethink the way your URLs are designed, not just your email:

Read an in-depth interview with one half of the emerging leaders of email design and best practices:

7 steps to creating a better email template for your email marketing goals:

Design and copywriting roundup from Mark Brownlow:

Ongoing discussions on topics such as…

Text vs. HTML, the ongoing debate:

And another:

Start your own conversation! Check out the email marketers club and meet a community of email marketers talking shop: